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POC Authenticity Check

Every POC product has a 2 liner 16 digit code, which is scratchable. Now anyone can verify a product with that code from our website or app, whether it’s a POC product or not. After verification, even if it’s a POC product and fake, then we will be liable to pay double the amount billed under certain terms & conditions. Verify Now.

Our Customer Service S.U.C.S.

Expanding on our personalised customer services, we make sure that your call is directly received by one of us instead of making you wait for services. We understand your time is precious and that is why our services are live and you can talk to us directly without raising any tickets. We do not aim to get away with the crappy service of expected automated voice that makes you dial 1, 2 or 3 for different choices, we aim to provide convenience to customers. You as a customer are our important stakeholder and live by that value and make you our top priority. OO BTW,, S.U.C.S stands for SUPER UNEXPECTED CUSTOMER SERVICE 

Our Pricing

The pricing of our product is dependent on various factors. We provide much better prices than other supplement websites. Our prices have a high variance compared to amazon and local stores because today it is easy to become a seller of grey product, you can do it from your couch. With so many products and varieties in the market, it is difficult to differentiate between an original and a fake. Trust us to do that. We specialise in authentic products and deliver it to you with our authenticity checks to prove our genuineness. Unlike others, we buy our products directly from brands and official importers. Stuck between the dichotomy of cost leadership and differentiation, we chose differentiation and came up with authenticity checks which is the main difference between our and local stores’ prices.

We Own Our Own Inventory

We differentiate ourselves in the authenticity of our products. The requires us to maintain our own inventory. We do not indulge in drop shipping. Our customers are important to us and we prove that by providing personalised services. We personally check the products for its genuineness and avoid lethargic customer service. Every product in our inventory is verified and our sticker is applied to it.

No Fake Ambassadors

We believe in being honest to our customers and consider them as our biggest brand ambassadors. To be real, we do not hire people with good physique to advertise for our brand if they have not used our products. We thrive on the stories of people who have used our products and received desired results. The face of Protein O’ Clock are me and all the customers.

POC Care

We do not just care about people, but also their best friend with paws & his fellow animals. POC care is an upcoming NGO that has many volunteers who are focused on feeding animals and clothing stray dogs. We also provide first aid services to them by helping and medicating them. About 50% of profits from our supplement store goes to POC care. Our customers are not only important for us, but also for the stray animals as you are not just buying, but donating too. Check our instagram handle.

Story Behind

Protein O’clock was founded by a 17 year old boy. It was started with a desire for making everyone fit by fulfilling their dietary needs and making them safe from fake supplements and it continues to do so. The boy faced many challenges while buying GENUINE supplements at his time. With time, he realised the harmful effects of fake supplements and how people are unaware of the grey market of supplements. It left a big impact when he recognised that 90% of the supplements sold in the market were fake. He wanted to bring a change and put all his efforts into finding genuine supplements for you and himself. That is when Protein o'clock was formed.

Muscle Tailors

Muscle Tailors was started in order to burst myths and provide actual, direct and essential information to the people who are being brainwashed by unethical gym trainers, broscience and information available in google. Muscle Tailors is your online fitness coach & sportdietist. Here, on Muscle Tailors we have launched a few e-books & Programs at very cost effective prices, so that each one of us can avail the actual knowledge and stop getting fooled by unethical trainers. To know more, Visit Muscle Tailors .

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Protein O'clock never fails to impress me as a customer. I am not just talking about the supplements, but the extra personal touch that this brand offers and the customer service is phenomenal.
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I am a health coach, and I highly recommend Protein O'clock to everyone looking for safe and authentic supplements. The owner is near and dear friend of mine, but this review isn't biased. Even in my health programs and webinars I only recommend Protein O'clock to my students who register at thewealthofhealth.in
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